Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Over the past couple weeks we have added a convenience feature for all MyTripScrapbook users: OpenID.

What is OpenID? It is a way to reduce the number of usernames/passwords you have to remember on the Internet. If you already have an account on Google, Yahoo, Flickr, AOL, or many other places, you can use that account as your login (username and password) for MyTripScrapbook. Some 15,000 web sites are already using this convenience feature.

When a traveler claims a scrapbook, they can now select their AOL (or other OpenID provider) account instead of having to invent a new username and password. They are taken to AOL to login and redirected back to MyTripScrapbook if successful. We continue to offer traditional username/password access as well!

MyTripScrapbook is also an OpenID provider itself.  This means if you went with the username/password option, you can use your MyTripScrapbook account as an identifier at any of those 15,000 web sites that use OpenID.

Frankly, this isn't a huge advantage for MyTripScrapbook users. I expect most savvy tour operators will offer their own branded OpenID identities to travelers - and that these will be far more common than humble MyTripScrapbook. 

However, it will be terrifically useful for MyTripScrapbook to be able to coordinate services and information for travelers with their tour operator - and that's worth its weight in gold to travelers' convenience!

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